Carbonite vs Mozy: Side-by-Side Online Backup Review
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Carbonite vs Mozy: Side-by-Side Online Backup Review

I’ve lost my hard drive data more than enough times to have learned that I need to back up my data. I’ve tried local backup and online backup, and seen some of the pros and cons of the various services out there. My two favorite services have been Carbonite and Mozy - here’s a brief comparison between the two to help you make an informed decision.

Online backup services shootout! Carbonite vs. Mozy Backup

Carbonite Brief Background

Carbonite is an e-company that offers you protection from accidental deletion or loss of important (read critical and irreplaceable) data and files. The company is relatively new, being launched only in 2006; however, in this short while, it has already achieved a presence in more than 100 countries and has recovered some 160 million plus files and lost data.

The Pros of Carbonite

Carbonite protects your data by creating back-up of all the files you have in use. It offers you for a very reasonable fee unlimited storage space where you can store any type of file, such as photographs, pdf files, word files, and financial data and so on. It covers both MACs and PCs. This means you can access your files from anywhere – which is a boon for those who travel often.

You will need to load a small program on your computer, but this is something that works in the background without any help from you – so there is nothing new to learn or acclimatize yourself with when you use Carbonite. The installation does not interfere with the function or speed of your computer. The recovery is smooth, trouble free and requires only a few clicks.

The backed up data is not accessible to anyone other than you as it passes through the same type of encryption that banks and secure financial transactions adopt – so your data is guaranteed hack proof. The files are encrypted twice for added safety.

The back-up is fully automatic – so you do not have to do anything to ensure the safety and safe-keep of your data other than setting-up a schedule that suits you.

The Cons Of Carbonite

You have to install software on the computer, though this does not affect the speed of your system. The access to your back files slows down after you have crossed storing 15 GB or more. Also, the default backup that Carbonite automatically excludes a number of file types such as videos, files larger than 4 GB, programs, temp files and system files. However, there is an option by which you could add these manually to the backup list.

It is not web-based back-up; it can back-up only from the computer where the license has been installed, though you can access the data from any outside system. It offer live chat and email support, but only during office hours. The absence of 24×7 support system is a major minus point. Additional priority phone support is available for extra fee. This too is available only during business hours.

Bottom line on Carbonite

Carbonite is a virtual storage service that provides unlimited storage space for a reasonable fee that is charged annually. The service provided is simple, but is low cost and reliable. I would think this is some great value for your money. My overall rating is 8 out 10.

Mozy Brief Background

Mozy (through its MozyPro and MozyHome services) offers an excellent back-up system for your data – no matter how much you have. The company was founded in 2005 with an aim to simplify the life of the busy executive and provide an easily-accessible-from-anywhere backup service for computer data. In my comparison with Carbonite, I’ll use MozyPro, which is the more similar service.

The Pros of MozyPro

The service is fast, simple and very professional. The files are encrypted and stored well. The system is able to distinguish what has already been saved and what it is saving at any given time. It encrypts your data so nobody else can access your files. It uses 128 bit SSL and 448 bit Blowfish encryption.

The back-up is continuous and automatic – all you need to do is set up the schedule for the back-up. The system saves both open and locked files as well as the slightest of changes whenever it occurs. It senses which data has already been saved, so it can back up only that which is created new for which it is lighting fast. This program also backs up Outlook files, which means your email is safe too.

It offers 2 GB of backup space free of cost. It also offers one month free when you sign for annual subscription and three months free with two-year subscriptions.

The Pro subscription offers a basket full of benefits such as web-based back up, unlimited back up, multiple user account, 24×7 support system, and assign user to security groups, and mapped network drive support.

The Cons of MozyPro

You would have to install a program on your computer, PC or MAC. The good news is that the program works unobtrusively, so you need not concentrate or think about back-ups at regular intervals. The best features is with the Pro package.

Bottom line on Mozy

MozyPro is a very simple yet effective file back up system. The installation of its software is fast and trouble-free. This is a great system to have on your computer especially if your data is special or critical. The overall rating is 9 out 10. I think that Mozy is offering a sale at $4.95 per month here.

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What else is like Carbonite and Mozy?

If you also need to sync multiple devices (like a desktop and multiple laptops) in addition to online backup, you should check out SugarSync. Another newer online back option is ElephantDrive, they focus on increase security. ClickFree is a good option if you want a device at your location to manage your backups, as opposed to using a hosted solution. 

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Comments (8)




This is BS. I've used Mozy and just cancelled my service because it's restore software is a DISASTER. After a clean install of windows 7, I thought I'd test out Mozy's restore feature to put all my music and photos back on the PC - I had around 70GB of stuff to move. Mozy was slow and the restore software kept crashing - repeatedly, I'm talking about 10-15 times. After only restoring 500 of about 18,000 files after 24 hours, I went to my local backup and got everything immediately. What is the point of a backup service whose product can't restore anything efficiently. Go on mozy's message boards and you'll see a similar store, a TON of pissed off customers thanks to crappy restore software. If you value your data, especially pictures and music, DON'T USE MOZY. 9/10 my ass. You have been warned


i agree with Eric. mozy is disappointing . it took a month to backup 70 GB and then backups stopeed after two months when i received a Error Code 0 and was told I had to start over. mozy insisted i somehow changed the encryption code, rather than a software update they performed. they also doubled their price from 5 to $10/month after i signed up. will go with a local storage device!

I have tried Carbonite, got a bit of a scare after the news of the data loss that happened over there. Also I heard a lot of bad reviews not to go for Mozy as they offer the worst service ever. I found Timeline Cloud after a lot of research they backup to Amazon S3 Which I think is better than private servers. It didn’t take much to setup and it went smoothly without any complications, now am using it in my company as they have a good Business plan. You can check them:


Agree that Mozy is disappointing. My backup system failed and I tried pretty hard to figure out how to get it going again. Also, I too had trouble with recovery- the files were all jumbled in a mess. I am trying Carbonite, but I cannot comment one way or another.


"You have to install software on the computer, though this does not affect the speed of your system. The access to your back files slows down after you have crossed storing 15 GB or more." This is inaccurate. Carbonite slows down after TWO HUNDRED GB. I would invite you to visit the Carbonite website for more information. It just bothers me that this is misquoted.

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